Welcome to the Al-Falah Islamic Centre

The Al Falah Islamic Centre stands as a communal hub, serving as both a mosque and a meeting place for the Muslim community in Oakville. As a project initiated by the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) Canada, a registered non-profit charitable organization, the center was established in 1990 with a dedicated mission to support the community through worship, charity, education, and civic engagement.
Committed to fostering an environment conducive to the development of an Islamic way of life, the Al Falah Islamic Centre, also known as AFIC, operates as a multi-ethnic, multi-racial, multi-lingual, non-sectarian, diverse, and inclusive community center. It encourages the full and equal participation of both men and women who align with the values and principles outlined by AFIC, encompassing its rules, regulations, and procedures.

To achieve success in both this worldly life and the hereafter, establish a strong connection with Allah.

Friday's Prayer Schedule & Weekly Programmes


Quran Memorizing Programme

Hafiz Jameel has been leading the Quran memorization (hifz) program for over a decade. Our center has successfully guided more than 80 students to complete the memorization of the Quran. Many of these accomplished individuals are now actively reciting the Quran in various mosques across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

Renovation & Upgrading

Your support is crucial in operating and continually enhancing the center, striving to
transform it into a regional hub of excellence. We sincerely request your generous
donations to contribute to the growth of this center, as it is a facility that belongs to you.



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