Al Falah Islamic Centre

Who We Are

We are a Group of Muslims in Oakville area running a local chapter of Islamic Circle of
North America, Canada, a registered charitable organization in Canada. We have been engaged in various activities for the betterment of Muslim community as well as the community at large. These activities include but not limited to relief efforts for humanitarian causes, dawah & outreach, civic engagements, education & development and More.

ICNA Canada

ICNA Canada is actively engaged in the realms of community and social development. As a registered charitable organization in Canada since 1970, the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) has earned widespread respect for its dedication to community welfare. ICNA Canada envisions the creation of an exemplary Canadian Muslim community—one that leads the way in fostering personal excellence in faith, worship, and morality, while also providing a foundation for the moral, social, and economic development of Canadian society.

ICNA Relief

ICNA Relief Canada is committed to making a positive impact both domestically and internationally through a diverse range of aid and rehabilitation initiatives. Specifically, our focus is on responding promptly and effectively to the needs of individuals affected by natural disasters, regardless of where these events occur.
icna sisters

We are a group of Canadian Muslim Women working to build an exemplary Muslim community through education, communication, and development. We are committed to empower Muslim women through skill building and leadership training, and develop new ideas to make life better for all Canadians, especially Women and Children.